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Hutu culture



In 1962 Rwanda gained independence from Belgum. Before independence the ruling colonial powers were Germany and Belgum. To gain independence the hutu had to revolte and take controll of the governments. After the Hutu had controll the drove the Tutsi out. Then the Tutsi took their return to rebel, this time against the Hutu. The tutsi again gained power of Rwanda and chased the Hutu out of the country.An article by FILL THIS IN articulates the political climate involving the Hutu well

"The Germans, who established a colonial administration at the turn of the century, and the Belgians who replaced them after the First World War, ended the occasional open warfare that had taken place within Rwanda and between Rwanda and its neighbors. Both Germans and Belgians sought to rule Rwanda with the least cost and the most profit."

This passage openly articulates the intentions of the Belgens and Germans. They felt that the politcal climate was in a state that the could manipulate it to get the most prophet. And that they did. Although it seems as if the colonists would only exploit the land and cause hardship for the Hutu and other indeginous people but there was some positave gain that Rwanda had here.

"The colonialists preferred to have these resources at their own disposal, to cover their expenses and to pay the costs of building an infrastructure to link Rwanda to the world economy. "

Linking Rwanda to the world economy would be something that could drastically help the rwanden economy.


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