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Hutu culture



the relation between all the Characteristic's is the war and the genocide's they all converge. With religion the Hutu and Tutsi went to the same churches and allegedlly some of the hate between the to cultural groups was fuled from the churches. this ties with the social aspects and even before the churches where there, there already was a separation between them and a slight unrest of one another. The social tensions between them was heightend because of the church.

Now with tensions high and a strong hatred, war broke out. Governmernts were over taken and new leaders were appointed. people were diven out of the country. Soon after the new governments were over taken again and all this activity was hurting the political situation.

this change of events ended in a very negitive way and it didnt help the situtaion they were in before outside infuences.

the main parallel between the Ibo culture and The Hutu was the indroduction to a new religion from an outside influence

Becuase of the long historty of the separation and hatred between one another. in the future there will probibly be more fighting between the ethnic groups unless an outside force interveins

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