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Hutu culture



the Hutu people have had a long history. For aproximately 2000 years the Hutu people have lived int he area as farmers.  also according to one source hutu make up 85-90% of the population in Rwanda this gave them a particular advantage later in history when they enacted genocide on the Tutsi cultural group. A person's reputation for hard work was something to be proud of for it showed that they had dedication.

The twa are a subgroup of the african pygmies and were indiginous to the area that the Hutu and Tutsi not occupy. The Twa were origonally hunters and gathers living in the forests that have since been cut down by the Hutu and Tutsi. A full grown adult male averages about 5 ft and 100 lbs. Since the Hutu invaded around the 1000s the Twa have decreased in population to the point that now they make up about 1% of the population of Rwanda. Because  the Twa have cultural customs that seemed primative, and they had a smaller population the Hutu and Tutsi felt that they were an insuperior.

Hutu males average about 5 ft and 5 inches and about 30 lbs. they also usually have darker skin and "stocky builds"

Tutsi males differ from the Twa and Hutu in physical apperence because they are on average taller, thinner, and lighter skinned. The average male is 5 ft 9 inches and 120 lbs. Height over 6ft is admired. the Tutsi origonally herded cattle and had a strong warrior tradition.

The flag of Rwanda

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