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Hutu culture


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Hutu culture. The Hutu tribe is almost exclusive to Africa, mostly occupying the countries of Rwanda and The majority of the people in this region speak Kinyarwanda a language that is native to that area.The land in Rwanda is mostly mountains which some say is the reason that it is considered lightning capitol of the world. The average annual rainfall of Rwanda is about 31 inches annually making it a tropical climate. Another factor that makes this such a diverse part of the world is that it is a few degrees south of the equator yet in some parts of the country there can be frost or snow. There is also a chain of volcanoes in the northwest adding to the geographical diversity. The Hutu originally arrived in this region during the 1000s replacing the pygmies as the dominant culture. At some point around the 1400s it is speculated that the separation between the Hutu and Tutsi was created by German and Belgian colonists. In Rwanda the Germans and Belgians saw a new area to colonize and a potentially ripe land for their exploitation. To gain control of the land they named the Tutsi the rulers and set up a system so that they could keep the Hutu under control. It is further speculated that when the Europeans colonized they exasperated the problems between the Hutu and Tutsi leading eventually to a string of genocide and ethnic unrest lasting until current day

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